Since cremation in Greece is prohibited by law we appointed Extreme Care to transport the body of a relative of mine from Athens to Sofia, arrange the cremation in Bulgaria and have the urn delivered back to the family. The procedure saved us a lot of money and effort and was done quickly and effectively.

Vasilios G., Athens, Greece

Подпомогнах мои роднини в Испания, които търсеха фирма за такъв тип услуга и след известно проучване им препоръчах Екстрим кеър. Изборът се оказа удачен и приятелското ми семейството получи адекватна професионална помощ.

Мартин К. , София

The funarel directors at Extreme Care were very professional and quite helpful. They not only transferred the coffin to London, but also coordinated the transportation from London to Newcastle with a local partner.

Thomas S. , Newcastle, UK

The body of my late husband was repatriated to Tel Aviv from Burgas in a matter of two working days. The Jewish religion requires the body to buried as soon as possible and Extreme Care did not disappoint us.

Simha G., Tel Aviv, Israel

Der Service war ausgezeichnet und der Preis war vernünftig.
Vielen Dank!

Jurgen F., Munchen

Muchísimas gracias por el buen trabajo. La urna llegó a Barcelona a tiempo para la ceremonia.

Anna M.R., Barcelona

I chose Extreme Care Ltd. to arrange the repatriation of the mortal remains of my late brother after receiving the lowest price for the service. The company representative spoke fluent English and was kind and helpful. The coffin arrived in London as scheduled without delays or complications.

Trisha P., UK

В таком тяжелом моменте, в ситуации стресса и беспомощности всегда хорошо, когда можно положиться на экспертную помощь. Сотрудник, кто занялся случаем, был очень внимательным и всегда в разположении. Когда я поехала домой в Украину, мне обеспечили бесплатный транспорт с гостинницы в Велинграде до аэропорта в Софии.

Ксения А., Одеса