Family assistance

Extreme Care Ltd. takes pride in being the only Bulgarian company in the field that provides assistance to the bereaved family as an adddition to the reptriation service. Most importantly family assistance aims at meeting the individual needs of those, who have lost someone and are going through a difficult period. Considering the fact, that the needs of families can be specific we are hereby listing some, but not all of the assistance services we can offer:

  • Representing the family of the departed with pre-trial proceedings in order to obtain prosecution permit for release of the body;

  • Collecting the personal belongings of the deceased from the responsible authorities in order to send to the bereaved family;

  • Hotel reservations across the country;

  • Booking plane tickets at preferential rates;

  • Provide transportation with the option of a personal driver;

  • Medical accompaniment;

  • Closing bank-accounts;

  • Legal support by a specialist in international private law;

  • Airport drop-off upon departure from Bulgaria and airport pick-up upon arrival;

  • Luggage handling;

  • Exchange of currency;

  • Help with customs and passport procedures.


Our company will protect the collected personal data of deceased citizens and their families. The processing of data such as name, passport number, address, e-mail, telephone number is always in accordance with national and European law, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation.