Repatriation of cremated remains

Cremating the body of the deceased person is possible in the shortest of terms and usually allows the ashes to be transported at a lower cost. From financial point of view incineration of the mortal remains is a more rational solution and is often the preferred one in those cases, when no insurance coverage exists.

This service has been steadily growing in popularity in the recent years and the logic of cremation as an alternative solution has become more appealing. Extreme Care has extensive experience in repatriating urns to and from many destinations around the world. Our service includes the following:


Permission for

Typically a Permission for cremation is obtained from the medical expert, who established the death or performed autopsy. The doctor or the prosecutor have the legal right to refuse such permission in certain instances – especially in cases of violent death or unclear circumstances.


Collecting and

Extreme Care collects the body of the deceased by an authorized refrigerated vehicle shortly after receiving a letter of authorization.

Cremation and

The body is incinerated at one of the crematoriums, which are partners of Extreme Care Ltd. The procedure can be as short as 24 hours, but depends on the crematorium business. Families can choose from selection of various cinerary urns.


Death certificates are legalized in accordance to the legal norms of international private law. All documents and translated into the language of the receiving state. Extreme Care warmly welcomed the 2013 ratification by the Republic of Bulgaria of the 1976 Vienna Convention on the issue of multilingual extracts from civil status records.


Air freight or personal collection

Urns are sent by air to any major airport across the globe or prepared for personal collection by a family member.