Repatriation of coffin

The service of coffin repatriation is by far the area of highest professional expertise and best qualification of Extreme Care Ltd. We take pride in being able to return the body of your loved one to their final resting place in a very effective, timely and caring manner.

We provide international transport of human remains in coffins to any location around the world. It is our aim to offer a full ranged repatriation service at the most reasonable price and in the shortest possible time.

Our service would normally include the following:


Collecting and refrigerating

Extreme Care collects the body of the deceased by a refrigerated vehicle shortly after receiving a letter of authorization. The body remains refrigerated until airport spedition. The company refrigerated vehicle allows for transporting the coffin at temperature around zero degrees



Embalmment is normally performed by a certified forensic expert and is based on the use of materials like formaldehyde and methanol. The embalming options depend on the condition of the body and the specific repatriation requirements. In some instances embalming is not done because of religious considerations.


Coffin and sealing

Under existing Bulgarian regulations (Ordinance 2 from 2011) transportation of human remains abroad is allowed with zinc-lined containers/coffins. Sealing is strictly performed in the presence of health and customs officials.

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Full documentation

Death certificates are legalized in accordance to the legal norms of international private law. All documents and translated into the language of the receiving state. Extreme Care warmly welcomed the 2013 ratification by the Republic of Bulgaria of the 1976 Vienna Convention on the issue of multilingual extracts from civil status.


Airport formalities and airfreight

We are well aware of the airport procedures and formalities at the airports of Sofia and Varna and guarantee seamless forwarding. Our leading position in the sector guarantees the best preferential rates for HUM airfreight to any possible destination.

Timeframe and deadlines

Our offers would typically include a timeframe of 3 to 5 full business days.

Such a statement, however, predominantly serves the purpose of precaution as many of our cases are concluded even within 48 hours estimated from collecting the body to airport spedition.