Extreme Care – International Transfer of Human Remains

Extreme Care Ltd is an independant, highly specialized company focusing on international funeral repatriations to and from Bulgaria and across the globe.

Experienced and well recognized by a number of foreign and domestic partners, including insurance and assitance companies, and most, if not all diplomatic missions in Bulgaria, the firm provides not only fast and efficient repatriation services, but care and attention to families with no paralel in the sector.

We maintain permanent contact with the responsible governmental agencies and our international partners to make sure that the procedures we follow are timely updated and in line with the latest requirements.

Our multilingual team is available to provide international transport of mortal remains 24 hours per day.

Repatriation of coffin

The service of coffin repatriation is by far the area of highest professional expertise and best qualification of Extreme Care Ltd. We take pride in being able to return the body of your loved one to their final resting place in a very effective, timely and caring manner.

We provide international transport of human remains in coffins to and from any location around the world. It is our aim to offer a full ranged repatriation service at the most reasonable price and in the shortest possible time.

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Repatriation of cremated remains

Cremating the body of the deceased person is possible in the shortest of terms and usually allows the ashes to be transported at a lower cost. It is a more rational solution and is often the preferred one in those cases, when no insurance coverage exists.

This service has been growing in popularity in the recent years and the logic of cremation as an alternative solution has become more appealing. We have extensive experience in repatriating urns to and from many destinations around the world. Our service includes the following:

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