Incoming repatriation of coffin

The service of coffin repatriation is by far the area of highest professional expertise and best qualification of Extreme Care Ltd. We take pride in being able to return the body of your loved one to their final resting place in a very effective, timely and caring manner.

We provide international transport of human remains in coffins from any location around the world to Bulgaria. It is our aim to offer a full ranged repatriation service at the most reasonable price and in the shortest possible time.

Our service can include the fallowing:


Ground repatriation

Repatriation arranged independently by ground transport with a refrigerated vehicle, guaranteeing the preservation of the body of the deceased and avoiding embalming expenses (unless mandatory).

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Full documentation

A death certificate is arranged with the local authorities, legalized by the responsible governmental agencies and translated in Bulgarian. The other documentation is arranged in accordance to local requirements.

red rose flowers on wooden coffin in church

Transportation coffin

A zinc-lined coffin for the repatriation meeting the international requirements.


Repatriation by air

The service is carried out by one of our local agents. Extreme Care relies on extended network of agents and partners across the world and can arranged the return of your loved one from any location across the globe.