Yours respectfully,
Petar Chernaev
Founder and Managing Director

Dear Client,

In the context of an ever more internationalized, increasingly globalized and interdependent world of open borders, multinational companies and travels abroad we have focused on providing a service, that the new global realities require and demand – the international transport of human remains.

We are well aware, that losing a loved one while abroad brings not only a feeling of grief and loss, but a huge inconvenience also. Extreme Care Ltd. is a company focusing on dealing with this problem and offering a quick, efficient and respectful solution.

Be completely assured, that every little detail, relative to the deceased’s journey to their final resting place will be taken care of with Extreme Care!

Yours respectfully,

Petar Chernaev
Founder and Managing Director

About us

Extreme Care Ltd. is the most quickly developing and fast growing repatriation company in Bulgaria and the single entity on Bulgarian market, dealing with repatriations only.

We believe, that fully focusing on a service inevitably leads to deeper specialization. Our company relies on experience, knowledge, professionalism and efficiency. We work with a large number of both domestic and international partners and we take pride in the extensive expertise and language proficiency of our team.

Whether repatriating a coffin or an urn with cremated remains compromises with the quality of our service do not exist and never will.

We speak your language!
We do our job with Extreme Care!


Sofia facility

The main operational facility we rely on is situated in Sofia, in convenient proximity to all foreign embassies and consular offices and Sofia International Airport

Varna representative

In order to provide a better and faster service our company has a local representative in Varna, responsible for repatriations from the Black Sea coastline.