Embassy of Italy in Sofia:

  • 2 Shipka street, Sofia 1000

  • +359 292 173 12


Repatriation information for Italy

Our company has experience in serving Italian nationals.  Cases are carried out by air using only direct flights from Sofia to Rome or Milano. Other parts of Italy, especially in the Southare serviced via car transfers with refrigerated vehicle. Necessary time from moment of receiving authorization to airport spedition or car departure is usually 4-5 full business days. Mortal remains are invariably embalmed with solution of formaldehyde. Documentation is translated in Italian, and support to families is offered in English.

Repatriation of cremated remains can take longer and usually requires between 4 to 10 business days. Cremations are typically performed at the Crematorium of Plovdiv with the use of metal urns suitable for transport.

Other information:
Special considerations, especially to Muslim citizens of Belgium can include ritual purification of the deceased.

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